Frequently Asked Questions

I want to seal my deck. What should I use and when can I apply it?

We proudly use “Yella Wood” pressure treated pine. It is recommended by the manufacturer to apply a weather resistant finish. Any exposed wood, pressure treated or not, should be protected from the weather. Application of a quality clear water repellent or semi-transparent stain which contains a water repellent will help minimize the cycles of moisture take-up and loss the wood goes through outdoors. For maximum protection, one of these products should be applied as soon as the deck or other project construction is completed. First, thoroughly clean your project. A clear water repellent can then be applied to your deck or other project. If you choose to use a semi-transparent stain which contains a water repellent you need to first check that your project is surface dry. This can be tested by sprinkling a few drops of water on the wood surface. If the water is readily absorbed by the wood apply the semi-transparent stain immediately. If the water is not absorbed by the wood, wait a few days and retest. Or immediately apply a clear water repellent and wait approximately 8 weeks and then apply your chosen semi-transparent stain. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when applying a water repellent or stain.

I need help designing my deck. Does your company have a design team?

Yes. When someone visits your home to evaluate your project, we are there to help build your dream. That means building from an existing plan or designing a project from the ground up. Through our years of experience, we have designed and built many new and inventive ways to separate your project from the common designs. We can also come up with simple projects using value engineering if you are dealing with a tight budget. We also encourage you to thumb through books, magazines, and other sources to find creative ideas. We can match just about any design you can find. Either way you can count on DeckSource to fulfill your expectations by delivering exactly what you desire.

I have heard over time composite decks end up costing less than pressure treated decks. Is this true?

Yes. The cost associated with staining, sealing, and occasionally changing damaged/weathered wood over time adds up. Studies have shown that after about four years of laborious maintenance on wood decks, the total cost of a pressure treated deck and a composite deck are the same. Over its lifetime, composite decks offer a greater value than pressure treated wood. Furthermore, most real estate agents agree that a composite deck retains it value when it comes time for resale.

Are composite decks really maintenance free?

As with any outdoor furniture, you will need to occasionally clean your composite deck. Most manufacturers recommend a biannual cleaning with a spray on composite deck cleaner then hose off with the garden hose. Some stubborn spots may need some gentle scrubbing with a stiff brush before hosing off.