DeckSource at 30: Building Atlanta’s Future – One Deck–or One Neighborhood–a Time

by “Coach Gary” Micheloni

“A Tradition of Excellence: Building Lasting Partnerships with Home Builders”

Traditions are important. Here in the Metro Atlanta area, few things are so emblematic of Southern Hospitality as enjoying our gracious outdoor living. And nothing epitomizes this like a Peach State porch or deck! How best to do it? Go to the “Source”. Go to DeckSource, the choice of Atlanta’s homebuilding industry. 

As we celebrate our 30th year in business, begun right here in Acworth, our journey reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and partnership with home builders. But DeckSource is not just about building decks; we’re about creating lasting outdoor experiences for new communities. Our focus is on collaborating with builders in developing new neighborhoods and delivering high-volume projects that maintain quality and speed.

And when we talk about our long-term partnerships with quality home builders, we’re not kidding! We’re proud of those relationships and we don’t avoid mentioning their names In fact, a quick check on our website lists dozens of the very best builders in our area, so we want to share our spotlight with them. Just click here, Our Valued Home Builder Partners. They are all “Hall of Fame” worthy and actively building homes in our neighborhoods!

The Importance of Decking in New Communities

In the burgeoning communities of Metro Atlanta, a well-constructed deck is more than an addition or an architectural feature; it’s a cornerstone of outdoor living. Decks and porches not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes but also significantly increase their value. They offer a seamless transition between indoor comfort and outdoor beauty, making them indispensable in modern home design. 

For new neighborhoods, these features can be the defining factor that attracts potential buyers, offering them a vision of their life in these spaces. DeckSource understands this allure and specializes in integrating these essential outdoor spaces into the fabric of new communities.

Why Builders Choose DeckSource for New Neighborhoods 

For nearly three decades, DeckSource has been the go-to partner for home builders focused on developing vibrant new neighborhoods. From Alpharetta to Vinings, our preference for working directly with builders is founded on a shared vision for quality, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Why DeckSource Chooses to Work with Quality Home Builders

Good home builders are important components of the bedrock of our communities. 

Quality building companies play a pivotal role in the vitality and development of neighborhoods and towns, laying the foundation for not just houses, but homes that foster a sense of belonging and well-being. 

These companies go beyond construction; they meticulously design living spaces that cater to the evolving needs of families, enhance neighborhood aesthetics, and promote sustainable living. By prioritizing craftsmanship, safety, and innovation, reputable builders contribute to the overall health of the communities they serve. 

Their dedication to excellence ensures that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations, creating environments where residents can thrive, connect, and create lasting memories. In essence, quality home builders are not just constructing buildings; they’re crafting the backdrop of our lives, contributing significantly to the social and economic fabric of our communities.

And so it was for DeckSource, almost from their beginning, those 30 years ago, that we recognized the value of partnering with good companies. We trusted our instincts. The builders saw our quality and invited us on board, and great relationships have been forged.

We offer “builder-grade” (see: Better Homes & Gardens) decks and porches that are designed to complement the architectural integrity of new communities—gorgeous, but not pricey. Great value is our hallmark. Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with builders, ensuring that every project aligns with their timeline and quality standards. 

Your benefits of partnering with DeckSource include the following:

High-Volume Capability. We have the resources and expertise to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring that every development meets its deadlines.

Unwavering Quality. Despite the scale of operations, our commitment to using the finest materials and craftsmanship remains uncompromised.

Speed of Delivery. Our streamlined processes and experienced teams of craftsmen enable us to complete projects swiftly, allowing builders to move forward without delay.

Our Commitment to Quality and Speed 

At DeckSource, our 30 years of experience have taught us that the essence of true craftsmanship lies in the balance of quality and efficiency. This balance is crucial in high-volume projects where timelines are tight, and expectations are high. 

Our team is trained to work with precision and speed, ensuring that every deck and every porch we construct stands the test of time. We utilize only the best materials, from man-made composites like Trex Decking to Nature’s own Western Red Cedar, all chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal, and our construction methods are continuously refined to incorporate the latest industry standards and innovations. This commitment has made us a trusted partner for home builders, who rely on us to deliver excellence, on time, and every time.

Success Stories 

Over the years, DeckSource has had the privilege of contributing to the development of numerous new communities across Metro Atlanta. One notable project involved a large-scale development where we installed over 100 decks and porches within a tight deadline, demonstrating our capacity for high-volume projects without compromising quality. 

Another success story includes a partnership with a renowned home builder, where our collaborative approach enabled us to integrate custom deck designs that significantly enhanced the marketability of the homes. 

These examples underscore our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our partners, solidifying our reputation in the industry.

Gearing Up for Our Next 30

As DeckSource celebrates its first 30 years of excellence in the deck and porch building marketplace, we extend our gratitude to the home builders and communities we’ve served. Our journey is marked by countless successful partnerships, each contributing to our shared vision of creating beautiful, livable outdoor spaces. 

We invite home builders planning new neighborhoods in the Greater Metro Atlanta area to experience the DeckSource Difference. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and learn how we can bring our expertise, efficiency, and quality to your next development.