Increase Your Home’s Value with a Custom Backyard Outdoor Space

How a Custom Backyard Outdoor Space Can Increase Your Home’s Value


As more people have spent significantly more time at home during the past two years, the popularity of home improvements and investment has risen as well. Homeowners who enjoy the benefits of an outdoor space are especially tempted to make their living space more comfortable and practical, as they have the luxury of being outdoors without having to travel somewhere else.

When it comes to the creativity of projects you can include in a custom backyard outdoor space, the sky’s the limit. What you should consider, however, is how to maximize investing your budget in home improvements.

How to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home improvement projects are not only meant to increase the quality of your life but they can also be seen as long-term investments by homeowners with vision. If you decide to sell your house later, adding valuable features and structures to it will not only increase the selling price but also help you sell faster.

Because of this, it’s important to carefully consider how you design and renovate your outdoor space. Your project should serve a practical purpose, it should last in the long term and be protected by warranty and the guarantee of good service.

To give you an idea of how you can increase home value through outdoor improvements, here are a few examples. A well-designed patio or screened porch can bring you an increase of 8-10% of the home’s value. Outdoor kitchens are a big investment, but they bring an ROI of 200% and more. Renovating wooden decks can add more than 500% of the investment when selling.

Generally, it’s a good idea to plan a long-term project, to choose high-quality materials that last longer, have a professional team do the proper installation, and try to repair or renovate existing structures instead of building from scratch.

Ideas for Custom Backyard Spaces

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Be creative when improving your outdoor space. Think of what you and your family/friends would like to do when around the house. Consider the climate and popular activities in your area. Here are some ideas for your backyard:

  • Screened/covered porch for relaxing, working, or dining outside.
  • Detached porch/gazebo in a quiet area of your backyard.
  • Pergola for covering a smaller area and providing some shade.
  • Outdoor kitchen/BBQ area.
  • Custom deck/patio/porch

Hire a Team of Experts for Your Project

Regardless of the size of the project you want to start, think of the value it adds in time, and how to increase your home’s curb value and overall selling price.

Our team of experts at DeckSource is ready to assess what can be done with the existing structures, resources, and time window you have available. We have a lot of brilliant ideas and many years of experience, as we have built and renovated countless outdoor spaces during our activity.

We serve customers all over the metro Atlanta area and we have a reliable network of suppliers and distributors, which gives us the freedom to create and innovate outdoor living spaces. Contact us for more information.