When Is It Time to Replace My Wooden Deck?

DS-Wooden-DeckThe wooden deck on your home is likely a spot for family gatherings, parties, and even a delicious meal. Do you want to replace the wooden deck at your home to give it a facelift? Be one of the many Americans spending $430 billion on home remodeling projects each year. Signs to replace a wooden deck include noticeable wood damage, loose railings, and missing hardware.

Here’s more about when it’s time to take action in replacing your residential deck.

Noticeable Damage

Missing pieces of wood, deep grooves caused by falling debris, and boards that have bowed are all signs you have to replace your wooden deck. You might also have rot from heavy amounts of rain and moisture, mold, and mildew. At this point, deck care and maintenance might not be an option!

Thanks to advances in home improvement, many residential decks are no longer made with traditional wood. You can install a deck with weatherproof material. Using these types of materials makes deck maintenance easy.

Noticeable damage to your residential deck is an embarrassing sight! Skipping deck care and maintenance is essential, replacing it with professional help.

Loose Railings

Does the deck around your property have wobbly railings? Perhaps they might be missing altogether?

Loose railings can be a safety issue. You certainly want to avoid someone falling on your property, causing injury. Regardless of age, they could be a hazard.

Several issues can cause loose railings, including weather and age. When considering new deck options for your residential deck, be sure the railings are secure.

Missing Hardware

Missing screws and fittings might contain rust. Missing hardware might also be why you have loose boards or loose posts.

Some of the hardware on your deck might be decorative. A new deck will spruce up your home and give it the sparkle it deserves.


You may need a new deck on your home simply because of age. It may be time for a significant upgrade, depending on when your home was built.

In addition to materials, there are many innovations in deck building. Perhaps you will want a new design for a swimming pool or tub nearby. Maybe you want to incorporate your new deck with an outdoor kitchen, eating area, or storage facility.

Home renovations can bring improved value to your home if you want to sell. Making these types of improvements can bring you increased revenue.

Signs You Should Replace a Wooden Deck

Several signs you should replace a wooden deck on your home include noticeable damage, loose railings, and missing hardware. Moreover, if your home is old or the construction crews installed the deck many years ago, maybe it’s time for a new one!

Hiring an experienced homebuilder for your home can make your new deck look spectacular. A new residential deck will give you the outdoor space you need to enjoy with your family and friends.

Contact us today, and let us help you make new memories today!