Benefits of Composite Decking

5 Benefits of Composite Decking

In the recent past, composite decking has gained massive popularity for its unique feel and aesthetic value. As a wood decking alternative, a composite deck is made of various materials, including plastic, wood fiber, and some binding agents.

To complement the quality of the new generation wood alternatives, reputable contractors like DeckSource use high-performing decking materials to install custom structures for clients throughout metro Atlanta. Below are the essential benefits of composite decking:

1. Durability

deckingTraditional wood is susceptible to weather elements such as blistering sun and heavy rains, and this means the deck can warp and fade. Unlike typical wood, high-performing composite decking has high resistance to scratching, mold, bleaching, and fading. It also won’t crack, rot, nor splinter, making it perfect for any environment. In fact, adequately installed composite decks can last for over 30 years, whereas the typical decks last for about 15 to 20 years.

2. Low Maintenance

Wood decks require routine cleaning, sealing, and staining. This process can consume a lot of your time and money since it involves the use of heavy machinery such as a power washer. On the contrary, composites can maintain their original beauty for years with minimal maintenance. You don’t need to think about hassles like painting, sanding, or staining.

To remove the inevitable splashes and spills, you just need to clean your deck with water and soap a few times a week. This means you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the benefits of your deck.

3. Safety

Composite decks take care of your safety needs. Unlike the standard decking, composites are slip-resistant, even in wet weather. These decks also have water-resistant properties, which can help prevent splinters and cracks, keeping them in good shape. In addition, this new deck option utilizes innovative fittings without the use of screws and nails, making your deck safe for barefoot usage.

4. Unique Design

composite-decking-overhead-sand-brown-spaBesides its unique design, a composite deck offers a smooth surface, providing a classic, modern look and feel. This combination is not only visually appealing, but the deck can also blend with both exotic and regular timber. Furthermore, composite decking is available in various colors to suit any style and enhance your outdoor living area.

5. Sustainable

Quality composite decks offer impressive features that demonstrate the feel and look of typical wood without compromising the environment. At DeckSource, we use high-performance composites manufactured from over 95 percent recycled contents, including wood scraps and polyethylene. This helps keep our environment clean and safe.

Get a Professional to Install Your Composite Deck Now

If you’re looking for a contractor to install your composite deck, don’t hesitate to contact DeckSource for help. With decades of experience in turnkey deck installation, our professionals strive to build high-performance, durable composite decks that satisfy your lifestyle and exterior design. Please get in touch with us now to get a free quote.