How to Protect Your Deck from Weather

4 Tips to Safeguard Your Deck from Bad Weather

A deck serves as an extra space for you and your family to enjoy the view outside. If you have installed a deck in your South East U.S. home, you must be aware of the high deck installation costs. Care and maintenance are a lot cheaper than new installations. As that snowy season approaches, we have incredible tips to help you protect your deck from these conditions.

1. Decide How to Use the Deck Ahead of the Cold Season

As you approach the cold and stormy season, you need to decide how you intend to use your deck. You can decide to shut it down or continue using it all through. If you want to use it through fall and winter, you need to get furniture that can withstand the snowy and rainy climate. At DeckSource, we have the best custom decks to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Northwest Georgia.

2. Inspect Your Deck

It’s essential to examine whether there are damages that could have occurred to your deck. Check out for animal, wind, or water damage. If you see piles of wood pellets, then you should prepare to fix the termite damage. If you notice these damages, your deck may not be strong enough to withstand the harsh climate ahead.

Get an expert opinion on whether to repair or install a new custom deck before the issue worsens. It would be best if you also looked out for leaks. If your deck gutter leaks during winter, the water freezes, causing more significant damages.

3. Preserve it with a Coating

You can also apply a protective coat to increase the durability of your deck. A water-repellent coating will be a perfect choice if you’re preparing for the snowy and stormy weather in the southeast. This way, you don’t have to worry about your deck warping, splitting, or cracking after exposure to moisture or other harsh weather condition. What’s better? Modern deck water-repellent coats can protect your deck without interfering with its color.

4. Leaves and Snow Removal

If you have a wooden deck, you need to consider cleaning up the leaves on and around your deck. When leaves accumulate on your deck for a prolonged period, they start to rot, causing mold growth. Mold can interfere with your deck’s strength or, worse still, ultimately damage it. Ensure you clean up your deck area to prevent wet leaves from destroying your deck.

It would help if you also got rid of snow and ice. While snow is most likely to accumulate during the cold season, you can use a blower or shovel gently to clear snow from your deck.

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