Understanding Your Deck’s Lifespan

As you may know, composite decking like Trex decking from DeckSource has a longer lifespan than wood. But how much better is composite decking – and how long can you expect it to last? Read on to find out.

Trex Deck Atlanta, Kennesaw, AcworthTrex Composite Decking Is Warrantied For 27 Years

If you get a Trex composite deck from DeckSource, you’ll enjoy a 27 year warranty. TimberTech, the leading competitor to Trex, also offers a 27 year warranty on all of its products.

Basically, this means that you can expect your composite deck to last at least 27 years without serious structural issues like rotting, moisture damage, sun damage/fading, and other such problems. And if your deck is affected by these issues, the cost of new decking will be covered by your warranty.

Composite Decks Can Last Much Longer Than Their Warranty Guarantee

How long does composite decking last? Well, 27 years is the minimum lifespan that you can expect from a composite deck. Your warranty may end after this period, but your deck will probably last a lot longer than this!

Current estimates have the lifespan of modern composite decks at between 30-50 years, depending on how well they were installed, cared for, and maintained. If you get a deck from an expert composite decking contractor like DeckSource, you’ll get a long-lasting, low-maintenance outdoor living space that will look incredible for the years and decades to come.

Does Composite Decking Last Longer Than Wood Decks?

Custom Composite DeckingYes. Most wood decks will last around 15-20 years, though it may be possible for a wood deck to last longer if it’s made out of more durable wood and maintained properly. Wood decks also require a lot more care and maintenance like cleaning with specialized wood cleaning products, sanding, and regular sealing and staining.

Even with proper maintenance, the lifespan of a wood deck is shorter because wood is much more absorbent compared to composite decking materials. They are more prone to moisture damage, as well the growth of moss, algae, and other plants and microorganisms. Their susceptibility to moisture can also lead to warping and cracking over the years.

Overall, that means that composite decking is a superior choice. Over time, the money you save on maintenance and replacing your deck will make a new composite deck a better value than a wood deck.

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